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autism acceptanceAt Autism Learning Support, we are committed to offering quality educational toys and games to help encourage your child's cognitive, emotional and social development. We also know that as a parent, grandparent or caregiver, you need support too! So it's important to us to make sure we provide the tools you need as well! And, since you are likely to be playing with these toys and games as you teach your child, we want to make sure you'll have fun too!

Browse our quality selection of sensory toys for kids with autism, learning games and positive behavior support products. We offer some great resources to increase autism awareness, games to promote social skills and communication skills development, too. From fidget toys to weighted blankets and visual timers to aromatherpy, we have the best selection and prices right here!

Sensory Toys for Autism


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Learning is a no-brainer with our collection of kids' educational toys. Help your children improve skills or develop new ones with our collection of learning toys and learning toys for kids. Our developmental toys encourage skill acquisition at your child's age or developmental level. Our autism activities are designed to help your children improve language, focus, memory and social skills. Check out additional product categories to find the toys and games you're looking for that will help develop social skills, meet sensory needs, encourage effective communication, support positive behavior and much more. Help your child learn all of these essential skills with our selection of the best special needs toys. You'll find a great collection of autism products and autism awareness resources here so you can provide the best learning environment possible.

We have a great range of developmental toys that will both entertain and educate your child while building communication skills and supporting positive behavior. Games for social skills training for autism will help your child learn valuable daily living skills. Our selection includes a range of activities for your child that will encourage effective learning and help develop social and communication skills. You'll find the best resources and toys for kids with autism here, like a wooden xylophone or City Blocks. We have a great variety of products to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your child. Browse the whole website and find the best resources for your child today!

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